Haley has a huge crush on Scarlet who is head of the most popular sorority on campus. Previously, she arranged a deal with Scarlet in which her perverted sexual fantasies would be indulged by Scarlet once a week in exchange for Haley finishing all of young socialite’s homework for her so she can continue socializing her weeks away. Haley was infatuated with the arrangement since it meant she had Scarlet fulfilling her every fantasy but Scarlet was becoming bored with coming over every week just to watch some lesbian nerd get off on her presence. Haley seemed to be getting more and more lost in her fantasy, skipping class and failing to turn in assignments on time because she was always fantasizing about her next “date” with Scarlet. Fearing that her GPA was next to suffer and possessing no small amount of cunning, Scarlet devised a way to keep Haley’s constant advances on her at bay without violating the terms of their agreement. When she asked Haley how she would feel about being tied up so that Scarlet could stimulate her with a vibrator, Haley was so excited she was practically speechless. Within seconds she was just about to cum as her idol began rubbing her soaked pussy with the head of her favorite vibrator. A few orgasms later Haley realized that Scarlet wasn’t letting up as she continued to pull orgasm after orgasm from Haley’s tiny frame. Before long, Haley was exhausted and still she came again and again at the slightest touch from Scarlet’s magic wand, each time harder than the last. Frantically, Haley begins to beg Scarlet to let up so she can catch her breath. Scarlet tells her that she is just getting started and by the time she is done perhaps Haley will leave her alone and get back to finishing her homework they agreed.