Hope is holding an open house and at the end of the day Scarlet showed up with quite a few questions about the place, including a lot of the strange furniture lying around. Thinking that it is some sort of massage table, Hope offers to test it out with Scarlet. She begins to have second thoughts when she realizes that she can’t get up with the restraints in place. As she begins to ask Scarlet to help get her out, Scarlet unearths another odd piece of equipment underneath the device that Hope quickly dismisses as a massager. Realizing that she has the upper hand and quite enamored with the petitie blond at her mercy, Scarlet begins to run her hand underneath Hope’s skirt to discover that she isn’t wearing any panties. Hope begs more fervently to be let go until Scarlet places the “massager” between her legs. Hope finds this new attention a bit harder to refuse and as she gets worked up, Scarlet discovers that her plaything has become much more cooperative. After she has come a few times, Scarlet places the device between hopes legs nestled up against her clit as she begins to lick Hope’s tits. Hope struggles to position the vibrator with her thighs, desperate to cum again as she stares at the young blond that is forcing herself upon Hope’s exposed breasts.