Raquel is a highly skilled, anti-establishment hacker who has been stealing large sums of money from various online banks who was recently captured by Officer Jenson. Realizing the riches this girl has made off with, Officer Jenson is eager to get her to reveal the location of the missing capital. After hours of Raquel hurling insult and curses in the interrogation room, Officer Jenson believes she will need to attempt some unorthodox interrogation techniques to get this thief to confess anything. As Raquel awakens to find herself gagged, naked and restrained, she knows that things will not be going by the book from here on out. Officer Jenson tells her that she has all night to convince this hardened criminal to talk. Starting with a vibrator, the policewoman begins to coax Raquel’s open legs since she won’t be opening her mouth for quite some time. As Raquel’s pussy begins to betray her fortitude, Officer Jenson begins to smack her sensitive tits before slapping her across the face repeatedly. Meanwhile, the vibrator is held firmly against her clit so the poor thief’s screaming is infused with moans of forced pleasure. Time continues to pass as Raquel’s erotically charged corporal punishment slowly drains her of the will to resist. Officer Jenson removes her ballgag and grabs her by the throat again asking for the codes to the missing funds. Has this rogue cop spied the last flicker of hope in Raquel’s eyes?