Jaded Dawn is about to experience her first forced orgasm and she thought she would be prepared for the experience. Things start out easy enough and she begins thrusting her hips against the vibrator as her tit is licked and sucked on. Her first orgasm quickly leads to another as her clit begins to pulsate with waves of pleasure overwhelming her every sense. By the next couple of orgasms her clit starts becoming painfully sensitive and she tries to pull away only to have the vibrator pressed harder against her pussy. The struggle to calm her swollen clit is once again replaced with the need to cum. Each orgasm begins to mount faster and faster until her ass is suspended in the air. MJ isn’t done yet though and as she closes in on the sensitive protruding target the moans of arousal are supplanted by cries for mercy. It finally dawns on our subject why this is called a forced orgasm and her struggle is only just beginning now that she is begging to stop.