Nika sneaks into the living room while her stepdad is sleeping to try to take his wallet to get some extra money for shopping. He wakes and demands to know what she is doing. She explains that she has spent all of her allowance already and she needs some extra to go shopping with friends. Of course he says no but Nika is very good at getting her way. She starts to rub his cock through his pants and he knows it is wrong but can’t seem to stop her. Soon she has his clothes off while rubbing her crotch in his face as she very slowly strokes his cock. Whenever he gets close to cumming she asks for more money. Whenever he says no she stops and leaves him throbbing in agony and soon it is way too much to take and he is desperate to cum. He finally agrees to whatever she wants and of course she gets more than a little extra if he doesn’t want mom to find out.


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